Respectful Learning: The Education Our Children Deserve

The decision to home educate has always been first and foremost a parenting decision to me. There are countless educational advantages to homeschooling, but it all started with parenting. We chose respectful parenting. From the beginning, we rejected the idea … Continue reading

All You Need To Know About Loose Parts

When my first daughter was a toddler she was forever emptying out the crayons and using them for things other than drawing. Straws for imaginary drinks, spoons for mixing imaginary meals, birthday candles! I was always picking up crayons. And … Continue reading

My Child is Falling Behind… And I Couldn’t Be Happier

My child is falling behind. She’s not meeting standards. Actually, she doesn’t even know of the standards. She doesn’t write perfectly on the lines. She doesn’t even write every day. She only writes when it interests her. But she’ll tell … Continue reading