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Bub Grub: Introducing Solids

Bub Grub: Introducing Solids

A few days ago my friend Shannon at Mums and Bubs Nutritionist sent me a copy of her new eBook, Bub Grub, to read. As I was reading I was thinking how helpful this information would have been to me almost 6 years ago when I was starting solids with my first baby! So, I thought I’d share a little bit about it in case anyone else out there is looking for some good advice on starting solids for their little one. Looks like I’ll be thinking about this again at the end of the year too!

Bub Grub: Introducing Solids

When I first thought about introducing food to my daughters I did a lot of reading. We decided that Baby Led Solids were the way to go for us instead of purees, so off we went! I’ve talked a bit before about how we approach meal times in our house, and I’m happy to see that so far all my kids eat most foods. I am a pretty picky eater myself so I hoped they wouldn’t take after me!

At first, we knew how we wanted to feed them and when we wanted to start but some more ideas on what to give them would have been really helpful. My knowledge of food is pretty much: fruits and veggies = good, processed foods = bad. So it was basically fruit, cooked veggies and whatever we were having for dinner. What would have been helpful for me is some nutritional information so I knew that my kids were getting all the vitamins and minerals they needed. But there is so much information (often contradictory) on the internet that it all gets too confusing for me. And that’s why I liked this eBook. It’s packed full of nutritional information, all in one place, and easy to understand. Exactly what I need.

Bub Grub: Introducing Solids

There’s also a few other things that are important to me when taking advice about feeding babies:

  • Accurate breastfeeding information: There is a lot of bad advice about breastfeeding out there so I’m really wary of that. I don’t want to read any crazy schedules that are going to compromise feeding, anything recommending stopping breastfeeding for unjustified reasons, or any inaccurate information about the benefits or value of breastfeeding.
  • Baby Led Solids/Weaning: Obviously I want something that includes advice on BLS as well, as this was my chosen path.
  • Up to date information on when to start solids: The World Health Organization recommends waiting to introduce solids until the 6 month mark. Unfortunately a lot of people are still telling Mums that they should introduce solids early. The most recent research still says 6 months plus is the way to go so it’s important to me that this information is available to Mums.
  • Respectful Approach: I’m all about respect for babies and kids!

I’m happy to say Bub Grub ticked all the boxes for me! So if you’re getting ready to introduce solids to your little one and in need of some accurate and helpful information all in one place I’d definitely recommend this eBook. I’ll be referring to it myself very shortly when baby number four joins our family!

You can find out more about Bub Grub HERE if you’re interested.

Bub Grub: Introducing Solids

Also, do yourself a favour and follow Shannon on Instagram. She shares the best healthy food ideas not just for Mums of babies but toddlers and bigger kids too. You can also find more inspiration on Claire K Creations Instagram.


May 20, 2015 at 2:57 pm

Thanks for sharing this one! We are about to welcome baby number two and I really want to try a totally different approach to solids. First time around we really had no idea and were taking advice from EVERYONE, definitely not all good and not research based

May 23, 2015 at 6:27 am

I wish I’d had this book as a young mother. Sounds like a perfect gift for when my daughter-in-law is pregnant!

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