How Kids Can Help Nature

Today I have two very special people guest posting on the blog. My 7 and 5-year-olds have an important message they want to share…How Kids Can Help Nature

Last week we went to the park and we saw all this junk scattered all over the place. We didn’t like seeing it there, messing up nature. We picked it up one by one and put it in a bin bag.

How Kids Can Help Nature

How Kids Can Help Nature

And then one by one it all went in the bin.

How Kids Can Help Nature

Nature is important to us because it provides water and food for us and animals to eat and drink to live. Flowers are pretty and we need to look after them and other nature otherwise they might die.

How Kids Can Help Nature

Nature is important to kids because they like to collect twigs and leaves to build stuff. They can build fairy houses and chairs. We like to play in nature because there’s a fallen down tree at the park and we like to climb on it.

How Kids Can Help Nature

Every day up to 200 species of plants, insects, birds and mammals become extinct. Extinct means every single animal of that species has died and we will never see them again. Species means a certain type of animal or plant. Animals are becoming extinct because we aren’t looking after nature properly. We are taking up too much space of the animals habitats, and littering.

How Kids Can Help Nature

If we don’t look after the earth it could look like this…

How Kids Can Help Nature

Polluted water and junk in the earth

And if we did look after the Earth it could look like this…

How Kids Can Help Nature

Beautiful flowers and clean water in the earth

If we didn’t help nature you would end up stepping on lots of dirty junk and it wouldn’t be nice.

How Kids Can Help Nature

But if we picked up all the junk and put it in the bin, and didn’t put anymore there, we could play.

How Kids Can Help Nature

Once it’s all in the bin you could play and it would be much nicer to play in a much cleaner place.

How Kids Can Help Nature

So will you please pick up some litter sometime soon, or today? If we all work together, nature will be clean for Earth Day.


18 thoughts on “How Kids Can Help Nature

  1. My boys, 6 & 5 always pick up litter too. You are exactly right.. we all need to look after the beautiful earth we have been given! Great message girls!

  2. Thank you for this PSA miss 7 and miss 5. My mr 7, picks up rubbish too. He thinks people could do better and it really doesn’t take that much. He is not afraid to fight for our Earth, caring about something can make you bold and that is a good quality. What he, the two of you and many others do is really important and appreciated. I loved the wet felt photo especially 🙂

  3. A beautiful and wonderfully written post! My girls are 4 and 2 and they say “yes we are going to pick up some rubbish today. We live on a farm but we will look for some rubbish”.

  4. Beautifully written girls. I’m going to read your post to my daughter (5 years old) and see what she thinks. She was very excited to participate in clean up Australia day at school a few months ago but I think she would love to do much more than that. She loves the great outdoors just like you. Perhaps we can collect some rubbish together during our weekend walks. I’ll let you know how we get on.

  5. This is a very important message. Thank you for sharing your passion for nature with us! I will pick up litter in my neighborhood this week. I especially enjoyed your illustrations with pictures.. They were wonderful visual aids!

  6. Awesome message girls and well done on writing such an articulate blog post! I feel better about the future of our planet with kids like you growing up who care about looking after it. My Mr. 7 yrs also puts rubbish in the bin and cares about plants and animals and looking after them x

  7. Thank you girls! What great initiative you’ve shown in writing this blog and wanting to educate other kids. My daughter is 3.5 and I am excited to read her this blog tomorrow morning and teach her about how she can help take care of our earth.

  8. Hi. What a lovely post by the girls. It’s great to see them cleaning up and caring so much about the environment. Issues like littering could also inspire conversations about where the litter goes when the bin is taken away, the importance of using less plastic, disposing recyclables in a responsible place & composting. It’s an eye opening subject & a great project to explore.

  9. This is a lovely post! Thank you for writing about such an important issue! I have two girls and we live in Florida, in the United States and when we see trash we pick it up too and throw it in the trash can.

  10. Right on! You girls did a fantastic job, wish we lived closer, I’m sure my girls would love you both! They are 6 and 4, and also like to play outside in a clean atmosphere.

  11. Wonderful blog girls! I really enjoyed reading and looking at pictures. I could have kept on reading and reading. Very inspiring for a family who also homeschool. I have a Mr 5 and a Miss 7 who also agree with you and also love being outdoors with nature. I will read to them tomorrow.

  12. This is so inspiring, well done! If the world makes more people like you then it might just survive what the last generation did. Thank you, not only for taking the time to do this but for sharing it with others.

  13. I wish that I was outside in nature helping clean it up instead of inside working. I love the peaceful happiness I feel when out in nature. I am going to share this post on my Facebook page Human Eclectic Learning Program where I often post about our unschooling journey with our son who just turned 7. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Awesome blog girls! We live in Berlin (Germany) and often there is so much rubbish in our parks and playgrounds… My son is 3 and he is doing the same as you. Thanks for your message 🙂

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