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Art Classes We Can’t Get Enough Of

Over the last few months, we have have been trying out a new online art program and I really wanted to share it with you!

I was pretty instantly sure this would be a winner but I like to give things a few months to make 100% sure it’s really something we love and that the kids continue to use it before recommending to others. Masterpiece Society has passed the test!

We first tried the ‘impressionist-style bluebird’ free art lesson to see if it was something the kids were into and both of the older girls (8 and 10) really enjoyed it. What they were wanting was something that they could follow along with but make it their own, and to also learn new techniques. This ticked the boxes. From that first free lesson they had already learnt about what impressionist style painting was and some of the techniques.

Masterpiece Society offers many different art courses and they pretty much cover everything:
-Classes for different ages, young to old. Yep, even Mums!
-Seasonal art courses.
-Art School for the older kids which takes them through different mediums in huge detail (drawing, watercolour, acrylics, oils, pastels).
-Mixing with the Masters: Learn about art history and famous artists while recreating some of their famous works and using the techniques they used.
-LiterARTure: connecting literature and art.

It’s hard to explain just HOW much is available but it’s so much that even though we have a Studio Membership, there is no way we would get through it all in a year, and more classes are added often.

I am also loving that despite the girls ranging in age from 4-10 we have found classes that they can all do together at their own level, for example the abstracts course.

The little ones just love being able to be involved in what the older ones are doing.

While I was mainly thinking of the older two, the younger ones have also been getting some use out of the classes. Honestly, my main priority for them at this stage is process art. I want them to know there is no right or wrong way to be creative. But they’ve obviously received that message loud and clear. When I watch them doing the classes they comment to me ‘she said you can do it however you want so mine is going to be different! I like it like this!’ and other similar things. Phew! I really appreciate that the message is echoed in the classes of following your own ideas and making your art your own.

Here Miss 4 had spotted a Flamingo class that was above her level but she was determined to do. Flamingos are her favourite thing right now so she was doing it no matter what, ha! I was silently worried she would get frustrated and discouraged that she couldn’t do it but I was wrong. She proudly told me how she was looking at the picture to see what she did but that she was doing her own Flamingo and it was a bit different, and that she had chosen a different colour for the beak and all. I love it.

Some of Miss 8’s favourite classes are from the Mixing with the Masters course. She is interested in impressionist painting (ever since the bluebird). Here she is working on Monet’s ‘Impression, Sunrise’. She really likes how throughout the classes she is learning new techniques that she otherwise might not have come across. She then takes those techniques and uses them in her own paintings.

Sharing a class with friends.

Miss 10’s ‘Secret Garden’ painting from the LiterARTure course. So well timed! This course was released just around the time we had read The Secret Garden with our book club!

The range of courses and different mediums is really brilliant and if you have children who just love to create, then I would highly recommend Masterpiece Society. The girls have always loved art and as they grow they are naturally wanting to learn more skills and explore new mediums. I love watching them honing their skills and the walls of our home are filled with beautiful art! I love that they can have expert instruction whenever creativity strikes, in the comfort of their own home.

I feel like we have found something that not only suits them at all the ages that they are at now, but that they will not outgrow for years to come. As they develop their skills and progress there are so many more classes available for them. It feels like a one stop shop for art education. Alisha from Masterpiece Society has created something really awesome here. And she’s a homeschool Mum too! Win!

I hope if you’ve been looking for something similar that this is helpful to you!

You can find individual art courses here, or find out about studio membership here.

Wondering about our favourite art materials? You can find a list here.


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