Unschooling in 2015: Our Year
The Week That Was

The week that was… Natural learning

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Welcome to another peek into the natural learning that happened in our home this week. We had a very big week planned catching up with friends but instead ended up with a sick baby and a lot of time at home instead! The one negative thing about having more kids is that sickness can hang around for a while. Three weeks later and I think we’ve finally gotten rid of it, which is good because we have another big week ahead. Anyhow, back to this week…

Natural learning

The week started off with a caterpillar that sparked an exciting idea.

Natural learning

They found this little guy hanging out on the sunflowers and bought him in for a closer look in the bug catcher. Then, they had an idea! They wanted to make a nature journal to record all the bugs they find and what they know about them.

Natural learning

They asked if I could find all of the pictures I had of bugs they had found previously and print them out. They then chose a blank journal, picking one with a green cover ‘because that’s more like nature, like the colour of the grass’.

Natural learning

They worked together cutting and sticking the pictures in, all the time talking about their ideas and how excited they were. I just love seeing their enthusiasm and excitement. They plan to write a bit about each bug next to each picture. Natural learning

One whole afternoon was spent colouring a big piece of paper together with pens, pencils, oil pastels, chalk pastels, and crayons to create ‘Antarctica’.

Natural learning

I have been wanting these geometric solids for a while now and grabbed them when I saw them on sale. They look great on the light table! The girls really liked them and I can see a lot of learning opportunities for them in the future. (If you’re not in Australia you can also find them here).

Natural learning

There was a lot of imaginary play and drawing around turtles this week as the girls knew we were going to see the baby turtles hatch on the weekend.

Natural learning

I have to mention this book because I’ve had to read it every night for 2 weeks now! I got this one for them for Christmas. It’s called ‘Rosie Revere, Engineer‘ and they think it’s fabulous.

Natural learning

This week Miss 5 was interested in reading again! She hasn’t read to me for a long time but suddenly got one off her reading books off the shelf and read me a story. She tells me she wants to read more every night and she’s also been practicing her writing too.

Natural learning

A map! Each symbol is something in our backyard. The girls have been making maps for a little while now so I plan on seeing if they are interested in exploring map making further in the near future.

Natural learning

We had a visit from Nanna this week. Every time someone comes to visit Miss 5 has to show them her clip circuit kit she got for Christmas. She just loves it and can now make everything in the book. It’s a great introduction to electrical currents and also something we will expand on.

Natural learning

And the most exciting part of our week! We went back to Mon Repos where we had seen the turtles lay their eggs on our holiday late last year. This time we got to see the hatchlings emerge from their nest! The girls even got to touch them and we learnt what makes them hatch at this time, how they know how to get to the water, that they swim 70km to get to the East Australian Current, that they imprint the magnetic field of the beach they were born on so they will come back and lay their eggs on the same beach, and much more. It was such a great experience for the girls.

Natural learning

Aren’t they cute? They were smaller than we expected!

And that’s all from us this week. What have you been learning?


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February 1, 2015 at 8:34 pm

We love Rosie Revere in our house too. My daughter received it as a gift for her birthday last year from some lovely friends. I take it to school and read it to my students. Some of them are quite afraid of getting something “wrong”. It’s a great book to help overcome that fear of failure.

February 1, 2015 at 8:53 pm

a gorgeous week – how fun to see the baby turtles cuuuuuute!!!

love the idea of working on a big sheet of paper together, you have sparked an idea for tomorrow 🙂

February 1, 2015 at 10:40 pm

i just love how enthusiastic your children are. The nature journal idea is fabulous. We had a very busy week ourselves and spent a lot of time outside.

I’m excited that our blog also has a FB page now too.

February 2, 2015 at 11:49 am

Those turtles are adorable! What an amazing experience!

Our week was full of finger painting, polar bears, and counting shells: http://alifesustained.blogspot.com/2015/01/our-week-in-review-finger-painting.html

February 2, 2015 at 12:17 pm

First, I love Rosie Revere. One of our top books of all time here, and the book that I gifted all year long.

Second, I adore turtles. I’m totally jealous of the baby turtles. Super cute!!!

Finally, as a mum to three I get how the sicknesses hang around. I hope you’re all healthy for a loooong time now 🙂

February 22, 2015 at 5:12 am

This looks like such a fun week of school. I am a pretty new home school mom and I love your ideas. I think one of my favorite homeschool activities I have done with my kids is take them on a nature hunt in our back yard. We found all kinds of fun things back there. I love your ideas.

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