The Week That Was

The week that was… Natural learning

A little late this week as we had a big weekend playing with friends, but here’s what we’ve been up to…


We started the week playing with friends. There was soccer…


…catching bugs…


…and little kids learning from big kids.


We took a trip to the library finally and signed up for some library cards.


Writing practice this week was in the form of a thank you letter. I love how academics fits so naturally into life. Miss 5 is keen to work out how to form all the letters perfectly and ‘write like an adult’. We also talked about the structure of a letter, when to use capital letters, full stops, commas, and sentences.


The girls also did a painting each to go with the letter. Miss 5 did a baby turtle on the sand.


Miss 3 also did a baby turtle on the sand but also included the water with the shell of a mother turtle poking out, just like we had seen at Mon Repos when walking along the beach.


If you follow me over on instagram you would have seen these little jars! I scored them in a discount shop and they work great for our paints! Especially with the little handle perfect for holding onto. Discount shops are really awesome for finding art supplies, especially the kitchen aisle.


Miss 5 was keen to keep painting and called me over to see this ‘experiment’ she was doing. She had covered the paper in yellow watercolour paint and then was dabbing red paint on top and watching it spread. The result was beautiful and looked like a field of flowers.


We ended the week with more fun with friends. The kids all loved swimming together in the pool and it’s amazing to see the younger kids learning from the older ones.


Some creating together with Spielgaben. They had a newer kit with some pieces we don’t have and as predicted Miss 5 loved them so I’m very excited for our upgrade kit to arrive soon!

That’s all from us this week! Lots more happened but sometimes you’re just too busy and involved to take photos of it all.


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February 9, 2015 at 8:34 pm

I’m hoping that we will get to the library again this week to. I’m having a hard time trying to justify buying a Spielgaben set for us, but it looks like your girls get a lot of use out of yours? I wrote a post this week about our plan to homeschool our kids for kindy & mentioned you as one of my main inspirations. I love your blog, I learned so much from reading your weekly posts always so many wonderful examples of natural learning taking place and I really appreciate reading your thoughts on homeschooling and parenting. Thank you

    February 10, 2015 at 9:13 am

    Yes, they use it every day Emma. It’s a big decision because it’s a lot of money! I thought about it for ages and worried it wouldn’t be something my kids even liked. What finally convinced me was the potential to use it for a really long time. I read some blogs and people were even using it with highschool students to demonstrate maths concepts. So I figured it would be worth it. Luckily they really love it, I think because it’s so open ended and they can create whatever they want with it.

    Thank you so much! I’m so glad to have helped! xx

April 5, 2016 at 11:03 am

Hi Sara. A couple questions I’ve come up with. First of all, I love how your girls each have big notebooks of paper that they continuously use. Do they tear out their pages? Or keep everything in there so you can save it when it’s done? And how do they paint on it without ruining the page underneath (like the yellow and red watercolor picture above)??
Also, where did you get your light tray/table? I’m from the US, so your answer might not be the biggest help for me, but I’m interested anyway 🙂

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