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The Week That Was

The week that was…Natural learning

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

Another week has passed. Scrolling through my photos there is so much we have learned about! I wonder how we fit it all in. We have had a home week this week. There were a few opportunities to get out and meet up with others but I found the girls were just so engaged at home that this is where we wanted to stay. We’ve been playing with friends a lot over the last few weeks and we have a big week next week when we’re away on holidays, so it was very timely indeed. It’s funny how things work out, and I love the flexibility we have to accommodate however we’re feeling at the time.

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

The week started off with a storm! Afterwards Miss 5 came and asked me if I would write something down for her. It says:

‘Storms help plants and animals. Storms are great but they could also cause problems. They could struck people with flickers in the air. These flickers in the air are called lightening. Clouds that produce storms are grey. If you look for the colour grey you might just see a rain cloud. And that is all I know about storms.’

Then she asked if I could put it on Facebook for her to tell everyone what she knows about storms. A friend responded with a question for her about how the rain gets up into the clouds…

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

‘When it gets so hot, steam comes up from the water, rivers, and oceans. All around the world where there’s water and it gets really really hot, water comes up. And then when it’s up in the sky all the water drops go into a cloud. Then when the cloud’s all filled up – pitter patter, pitter patter, water droplets fall from the cloud. And that is all I know about information about how water droplets come from the sky.’

We have talked about the water cycle, a long long time ago, and I actually had no idea she remembered so much!

Natural Learning | Happiness is hereI mentioned last week that Miss 5 was designing a fairy house. This week it came to life! With her Dad’s help she was able to make it mostly herself. She was so excited and kept saying, ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this myself!’

Here she is measuring in centimeters, learning about right angles, and talking about how a square needs 4 equal sides. Real world maths!

Natural Learning | Happiness is hereShe sanded each piece and hammered in the nails herself.

Natural Learning | Happiness is hereThen it was time to paint and decorate! We’re just waiting for the fairies to visit now.

Natural Learning | Happiness is hereMiss 3 was very into Art this week. She showed me this, saying ‘The yellow is Africa and the blue is water and these are the people who live on Africa’

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

It’s often such simple things that lead to learning…

‘Mum, a fly landed on my arm and it was rubbing it’s legs together. Why did it do that?’

‘I’m not sure, how can we find out?’

‘I’ll go get my bug book

Literacy (exploring informative text, using the contents page, reading words), numeracy (reading page numbers, locating the page by working out if she needed to go forward or back when looking at the numbers), and biology (learning about flies and other insects), all explored through one simple question.

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

 After reading about flies and how many diseases they can carry, she decided she was no longer keen on having them land on her. Although we learnt a lot of interesting things from the book, we didn’t find the answer to the original question. Miss 5 suggested we should ‘google it’ and we discovered that the fly was cleaning itself!

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

We love marbling. Unfortunately there’s something wrong with our inks though and they don’t work as they should. We got them out to try and use up the rest. They still have a pretty cool effect. I’ve got these ones on the Christmas list, shhh!

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

Miss 3 particularly loves squeezing out the ink (a LOT of ink!). She stayed with this activity for close to an hour.

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

What do you do when you’re not allowed to take food and drink into the lounge room to your sister, who is playing the role of your cat? You make them for her. I thought these were very cute.

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

More art from Miss 3. She’s getting very intentional in her painting now. Each stroke perfectly placed to create just what she wants.

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

The weaving has been forgotten for a while. This has been a very long project for Miss 5, and she was back into it this week. She is making a blanket for her teddy bear.

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

Some creating with clay. Miss 5 decided on a treasure map. Afterwards she put it out in the sun to dry while she set up everything she had drawn outside so they could both follow the map to find the treasure.

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

Another thing that has been out of use for a while, puzzles! This week they made a reappearance.

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

After seeing a past post of Kate’s I remembered these stamps we had made a long time ago and was inspired to get them back out for the girls.


They came back to these many times throughout the day, enjoying something different to create with.

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

Miss 5 developed an interest in rainbows. She bought this picture to me and I noticed she had written ‘ROYGBIV’ underneath. I remember memorizing that at school. She then collected lots of things of different colours from around the house and set up a ‘rainbow shop’.

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

Next I found her with this experiment set up. She is shining a torch through the jar of water onto paper to make a rainbow (it’s hard to see in this picture). She told me she had seen it on TV before.

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

She was keen to do more experiments so we found our big experiment book to search for experiments with rainbows. We found the one she had already done, along with this one which we tried out in the sunlight. She has been flipping through the book since, finding more experiments about light which she is excited to try!

Natural Learning | Happiness is here

And even more art. This time with charcoal! We have a lot of different types of art materials and I just love watching them learn and experiment with them all.

That’s all for this week from me! Next week I won’t have a weekly post because we’ll be away on holidays! It’s going to be fantastic and there will be so much to do and learn. So look out for a huge post the week after!

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Rachel | Racheous - Lovable Learning
November 2, 2014 at 8:14 pm

Lovely week! I love the fairy house!

Jess - Memoirs of a Childhood
November 2, 2014 at 8:16 pm

Beautiful week – love the fairy house project, how brilliant 🙂

November 2, 2014 at 9:06 pm

Stunning pictures again this week, they are so bright and colourful! Your stamps have inspired me to create some of my own for us to start making wrapping paper for Christmas!

November 3, 2014 at 1:15 am

Hi! I so love your blog. Thank you for sharing your homeschooling experience. I’m on the fence in regards to homeschooling though. How do you find the time? And time for your self. Mind sharing how you do it? Thanks, again!

November 7, 2014 at 8:00 am

Goodness, you did have a big week last week!!! We have also been very interested in clouds (mostly but also rain, storms & puddles), the bug book looks brilliant & I will have to show my big girl the rainbow experiment – she keeps finding rainbows (reflecting from the mirrors) in my room as the sun comes up so would love that! The fairy house is so lovely!!

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