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Essential Oils for Peaceful Holidays

So when I first started using oils it was purely for the physical and environmental benefits. I thought the emotional stuff was really not for me. You know, a bit ‘hippyish’. Well, turns out I was wrong and now it’s totally one of my fav things to use them for.

With Christmas coming up I really wanted to share some oils that I’ll be taking with me when we’re on holidays for their emotional benefits. Family gatherings can be really hard for a lot of people. There might be conflict, criticism for your choices, and many moments of feeling triggered as things from childhood come up.

Sure, one oil isn’t going to eliminate all the awkward or hard stuff, but I’m going to use all the support I’ve got, and this is one of them. I hope it’s helpful for you too!


Clove: The oil of boundaries. If family gatherings have you feeling intimidated and controlled then get your clove out. Supports feelings of empowerment, integrity, independence, and clear boundaries. Bonus, it smells like Christmas! It’s one of the oils in the On Guard protective blend too so diffusing that blend can help also with immune support when lots of people are around.

Tea Tree: We all know tea tree for it’s disinfectant properties and you can kind of think of it like that emotionally too. The oil of energetic boundaries. Clears negative energetic baggage and toxic relationships, helping to nurture respectful connections and resilience.

Petitgrain: The oil of ancestry. I love the emotional properties of this oil. It relates so much to respectful parenting. Petitgrain invokes appreciation of positive family history and connection. It ‘invites individuals to choose to honor the good that was inherited from their family and also make the path lighter for those who follow’. It helps us learn from family mistakes, heal, and forgive, encouraging ‘thoughtful awareness of how to heal wounds in the family lines’. ‘It encourages those who view any departure from tradition as a betrayal of the family to release the fear of disapproval and forge the path that is right for them’. Yes yes YES! Get that diffusing LOL. The positive properties promoted by this oil include: ‘pioneering, chain-breaking, cultivating healthy traditions, and embracing positive family connections’. That is totally us, right?

Lavender: The oil of communication and calm. Do I even need to say more? Pretty much what every family get together needs.

Cardamom: The oil of objectivity. Use this one when you feel anger rising. Take a moment and grab your cardamom. Helps with regaining objectivity and self-control so you can be respectful, tolerant, and patient when needed.


Peppermint: The oils of a buoyant heart. That sentence makes me smile already. This is one of my favourite uplifting oils. Encourages you to feel joyful and optimistic.

Tangerine: The oil of cheer and creativity. Smells divine and elicts feelings of cheer, fun, creativity, spontaneity, fulfillment, joy, and optimism.


Frankincense: My number one favourite oil, and emotionally the oil of truth. Helps you let go of negativity and create new perspectives. Encourages feelings of love and connection to father.

Geranium: the oil of love and trust. ‘Geranium restores confidence in the innate goodness of others and the world’, and supports the bond with parents. It also nurtures the inner child and supports re-parenting this part of yourself. ‘At it’s root, geranium heals the heart, instills unconditional love, and fosters trust’.


Marjoram: The oil of connection. Something we all seek and especially would love to feel at Christmas time. Supports warmth, trust, and openness in social situations. 

Cedarwood: The oil of community. Cedarwood brings people together, assisting them to feel emotionally connected, a sense of belonging, and supported.

Douglas Fir: The oil of generational wisdom. This oil addresses generational issues and encourages us to break free of destructive patterns. ‘It encourages healthy family dynamics where people and meaningful relationships are valued over blind loyalty to traditions’. YES to that!


Wild Orange: The oil of abundance. Helps to let go of a scarcity mindset and encourages giving without thought of compensation. This is such happy and uplifting oil and one of my favourite smells.

Spikenard: The oil of gratitude. Encourages true appreciation, contentment, happiness for others, acceptance, and peace.

I hope that was helpful to you and I wish you a very Merry and RESPECTFUL Christmas where everything goes smoothly! Too much to ask? Ha!

If you’d like to know more about oils, how I use them, or to grab some for yourself, you can read more of my posts HERE. My Home Essentials pack was my Christmas gift last year and was SO well worth it as I’ve used them every single day since. I now also support others to learn about them and bring them into their lives and I’d love to be your supporter too. You can order oils HERE or contact me to ask any questions HERE

Information on the emotional benefits of these oils was from the book Emotions and Essential Oils which I highly recommend and you can find here.

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