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5 Reasons We LOVE Essential Oils

I am in looooove with essential oils and I wanted to explain some of the ways they have made an impact on our family and just why exactly I recommend them! I only recommend products I love (hellooo book lists, haha) and these are something I use daily and can’t stop talking about to everyone! Here’s why…

Five Ways Essential Oils Have Changed Our Family

1. Natural Options

5 Reasons We LOVE Essential Oils

We have a cupboard full of essential oils now and I know that for almost anything that happens, I have something in there that can help. That is so empowering! It’s really important to me what I put into and on my own body and my children’s bodies. I just don’t want any more toxins or synthetic chemicals than absolutely necessary. Don’t get me wrong, oils aren’t a replacement for mainstream medicine when it is needed. Don’t be trying to treat a broken leg with Frankincense, ha! But they are a wonderful alternative to try first when it’s not something serious. I don’t want to put chemicals into my body unless it’s really have to.

We now have natural options for stress, sleep, mood, cleaning, skincare, and so many other things. I can’t tell you what a relief that is to me. I feel empowered and informed. You can read more about how we use the oils daily here.

2. Empowering Kids

5 Reasons We LOVE Essential Oils

The flow on effect of this is that we are empowering the next generation too. When my kids get a bite, a stuffy nose, or are having trouble sleeping, the first thing they ask for is an oil to help them. They’re learning that Mother Nature has just what we need. They know all about the importance of natural, toxin-free products. They are growing up with this knowledge and won’t have to feel so overwhelmed at the thought of changing everything later (like I was). I’m so happy they’re learning this now.

3. Sleep

8 Reasons NOT to Give Kids a Bedtime

You know we don’t have bedtimes around here right? The kids listen to their bodies and decide when to go to bed themselves. That doesn’t mean we don’t help them with that process! We lie with them every night until they go to sleep, and my youngest breastfeeds to sleep. We also do other things like have quiet play, read stories, have the lights low, and diffuse calming oils in the evenings. My favourite oils for night are Frankincense and Lavender.

4. Self Care

Oils are a big part of my self care. Firstly, just deciding to get them in the first place. Knowing that it was ok to spend money on myself, that my health was a priority, that my needs matter too. And secondly, how I use them. They help support my mood when I’m feeling stressed, anxious, tired, frustrated, etc. I use them on my skin every day, and once a week I have a bath with oils, put on a face mask, and take some time out with a cup of tea and a book. They are a part of how I care for myself, and I know that’s often something that Mothers put last. But we matter!

5. Toxin-free Cleaning

DIY toxin-free cleaning recipes

We have now replaced all our cleaners with toxin-free options. When you read about all the chemicals in store-bought cleaners, yes even the ‘natural’ ones, it’s just plain scary. We have replaced everything with natural options that actually work AND are much cheaper. I wish I had done this way sooner. I’ve put together all our recipes here for you if you’d like to check them out.

My Favourites

Using Mother Nature Every Day

I know it’s really overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start at first! I went with the top 10 for starters and was super happy with that decision. They are now my favourite oils. If you’re looking to get started with oils, this would always be my number one recommendation. Keep it simple!

Peppermint: Cools body temperature, energising, settles upset tummies, clear breathing.
Lemon: Detoxifying, toxin free cleaning, purifies air, improves focus.
Lavender: Calming, soothes irritated skin, restful sleep.
Oregano: Immune support, removes warts, antioxidant.
Tea Tree: Cuts and bites, blemishes, seasonal threats.
Frankincense: Fights inflammation, anti-ageing, promotes cellular health and regeneration.
Easy Air: Respiratory blend, clears airways, energising.
Ice Blue: Muscle and joint pain, use before and after exercise.
OnGuard: Protective blend – wards off bacteria, protects the immune system and loads the body with antioxidants.
DigestZen: Digestive blend – promotes healthy digestzen, settles heartburn, bloatedness, cramping and nausea.

These 10 oils come in the Home Essentials kit. There’s a reason it’s called the ‘Home Essentials’. You get the top 10 oils that every home should have, regardless or wants or needs. Oils for physical support, emotional support, environmental support, and spiritual support. All of the oils also have multiple uses, and you get a free diffuser so you’re all ready to get started. It’s the perfect and most cost-effective way to start.

Of course, you can also build your collection more slowly, one oil at a time!

PLUS, you also get:

-Online account to order what you want, when you want, with no further committments.
-Wholesale prices (25% off everything)
-Loads of information at your fingertips
-Individual Wellness Consult
-Members only website
-Private support group
-Online courses
-Beginner email series

If you’d like to open a wholesale account and get access to all that today, just follow the instructions HERE! Or send me a message if you’d like some more info or have a question. Here’s to using the gifts Mother Nature has provided us!

You can also read more about how we use oils daily HERE, toxin-free cleaning recipes HERE, and how we use them to support us during the winter months HERE.


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