Getting Started With Your Essential Oils

Getting Started With Your Essential Oils

Getting Started With Your Essential Oils

Congratulations! I’m so excited you get to experience these beautiful oils. It’s super exciting when your delivery arrives, and also kind of overwhelming, right? What do you do first? Where do you start? Let me help!

Getting Started With Your Essential Oils

Diffuse Something

If you signed up for a home essentials kit, you’re all set to start diffusing something! This was the easiest way for me to get started. Just put something on to diffuse while you read the rest of this article.

Fill your diffuser up with water to the red marker and add a few drops of something.

Need an energy boost? Try Lemon + Peppermint + Frankincense.

Immune support? Put on some On Guard.

Want a relaxing blend? Lavender + Frankincense is beautiful.

Respiratory support? Easy Air + Tea Tree + Lemon

Ahh… that’s better. What next?

Getting Started With Your Essential Oils

Learn About Dilution

Another great way to use your oils is topically. It can be a bit daunting though. How much do you dilute? And with what?

I dilute my oils with fractionated coconut oil, you can order this from doTERRA. This is coconut oil that doesn’t go solid in cold weather. The easiest way to dilute oils is by putting them in a roller bottle. The general guidelines are…

Babies: 1 drop of essential oil to 10mls of carrier oil.

Young children: 1 drop of essential oil to 5mls of carrier oil.

Adults: 1 drop of essential oil to 2mls of carrier oil.

That means if you have a 10ml roller bottle you can make it up for babies by adding 1 drop of essential oil, for children by adding 2 drops of oil, or for adults using 5 drops of oil, topped with a carrier oil. Simple! Then just roll it on when and where needed.

You can purchase roller bottles here.

If you are currently on any medication, please also check with your doctor that there are no possible adverse interactions. Some essential oils cannot be used while on some medications. For example, if you are taking blood thinners you must not use Wintergreen essential oil (this is in the Ice Blue blend also). Please also take extra caution if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Favourite Uses and Blends

Getting Started With Your Essential Oils

What do you want to use your oils for? There are so many options! Below are some links to explore to help you get started.

Natural skincare

Toxin-free cleaning

Better sleep

Balancing mood

Immune support

Menstrual cycle support

Check Out Your Back Office

Log in to your virtual office here. This is where you will manage your orders! You would have received an email with your ID and you would have set up a password when you enrolled. Take a look around and get familiar with the products, how to search for them, and how to order.

Getting Started With Your Essential Oils

Learn About the Loyalty Rewards Program

With doTERRA, there is no commitment to buy. You are free to order what you want, whenever you want, at wholesale prices. Just by opening an account you’re already getting 25% off the retail price.

You do however have the option to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program, or ‘LRP’. This is an amazing opportunity to get free oils and the most cost-effective way to grow your oil collection. And chances are, you’re going to want to at least replace oils you use, if not experience many more of the oils, blends, and products. You might also want to gradually replace products around your home with non-toxic alternatives. The LRP is the best way to do that! Here’s how it works…

By placing a monthly order, you are able to get 10-30% of the PV value of your order back in free product credits, or points, which you can spend on more oils! This is on top of the 25% you’re already saving by buying at wholesale prices. When you open your account you start on 10% and this increases every 3 months, depending on how you choose to order.

Getting Started With Your Essential Oils

There are a few options with ordering. The Product Volume or ‘PV’ of your order, determines the rewards you receive. In your back office you can easily see the PV of each product.

Order 1-49PV worth of products: You won’t earn any points, or increase the percentage you get back in points that month. But, you will maintain whatever percentage you are at. You only need to order at least 1PV to maintain your percentage.

50PV order: By ordering 50PV or more you are able to keep increasing the percentage you receive back in rewards points. After 3 months you will move up to 15%, then 20% after another 3 months, and so on.

100PV order: If you make an order of 100PV or more you have the chance to earn commissions. That means if you share your love for the oils with a friend and then they sign up through you, you earn some money! Many people love paying for their oils this way because they naturally can’t stop talking about the benefits to everyone.

125PV order: If you order 125PV or more, and process your order before the 15th of the month, you get yet another bonus. The free product of the month!

What else? You also recieve extra points back to cover your shipping costs every month!

But wait, there’s more. After you’ve been a member for a year you will be charged a membership renewal fee of $25. However, to make up for that, doTERRA will send you a free bottle of peppermint ($26.50 wholesale).

If that made no sense, here’s a video to explain!

There are also some handy videos here on exactly how to set up your LRP order.

Also, important to note… after your LRP order has shipped, it will automatically duplicate for the next month. All you need to do is go in and edit it before it is sent so you are getting the products you want and don’t get the same thing twice. You can also cancel your order at any time.

Getting Started With Your Essential Oils

Where to Store Your Oils

To keep those beautiful oils working their magic, follow these guidelines for storage…

  • Store the essential oil in room-temperature conditions and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures (leaving oils in the car during the summer, on window sills, etc.).
  • Avoid exposing the oils to direct sunlight or other sources of UV rays.
  • Prevent prolonged exposure to oxygen which can cause oxidation of the oil over time (leaving the cap unscrewed, etc.).
  • Tightly secure the caps after each use (prevents the oil from evaporating and decreases exposure to oxygen).

More Oily Info

Check out these great resources for all your essential oil info…

Modern Essentials Book

Modern Essentials App – super handy to have on you at all times. Available on iPhone and Android

Emotions and Essential Oils Book

Members Website – you should have received the login information in your welcome email.

Support Group – Make sure you’ve joined the Facebook support group! There’s always someone on hand to answer a question there. The link was in your welcome email.

doTERRA Website – Lots of information about all of the oils here for you. Have a look around at everything.

Getting Started With Your Essential Oils

I’m so happy you chose me to support you with your oils! Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions.