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On The Bookshelf: What We’re Reading (May 2017)

Kid's book recommendations

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.” –Neil Gaiman

It’s time to share some more dreams with you…

Kid's book recommendations

Swatch: The Girl Who Loved Color

Amazon | Book Depository

I love this beautifully colourful book about a girl who loved to collect and tame colours.

Kid's book recommendations

It’s a gorgeous story and the illustrations really captivate.Kid's book recommendations

My favourite part, that I feel especially speaks to our life, is this…

“Swatch had never asked if a colour wanted taming.

“Yellowest Yellow,” she asked politely, “would you like to climb into this jar? You could sit on a shelf, right next to Blue. You could make green together all day long if you wanted! I’ll poke holes in the top, and I’ll feed you dinner.”

But Yellow, knowing that was no way to live, said “No thank you.”
And Swatch, who could have scooped it up anyway, said, “OK.”

Given that small but kindly allowance…



Kid's book recommendations

Neffy and the Feathered Dinosaurs

Amazon | Book Depository

One for the dinosaur lovers! This is a story about Neffy the Microraptor on the day she takes her first flight, and all the dinosaurs she encounters along the way.

Kid's book recommendations

Along with the story, each page includes some facts about the dinosaurs she meets. Keeps it a little more interesting for my 6-year-old but also satisfies her questions!

Kid's book recommendations

Kid's book recommendations

The Barefoot Book of Children

Amazon | Book Depository

This is a lovely book about diversity! A look at the many different ways people live, and how we are all unique but also connected. It’s beautiful.

Kid's book recommendations Kid's book recommendations

It covers lots of topic including language, appearance, families, homes, clothing, religion, etc.Kid's book recommendations

“Every life is a story. It’s easier to understand someone when you know their story.”

Kid's book recommendations

At the end of the book, you can find more detail about each topic covered. This book has sparked so many questions!

Kid's book recommendations


Amazon | Book Depository

This book is stunning, and very unique. It was a gift for my nature loving girl but I feel like we need 4 copies because everyone wants to use it at the same time.

Kid's book recommendations

It comes with a 3-coloured lens that you use to look at each page and reveal different things, depending on which colour you’re looking though.

The red lens shows you what animals live in each habitat, the green lens shows you the plants, and the blue lens shows nocturnal creatures.Kid's book recommendations

The pages look like this!Kid's book recommendations

Here is the same page viewed through the red lens…Kid's book recommendations

…through the green lens…Kid's book recommendations

…and through the blue lens! Hard to photograph but you get the idea. Pretty cool right?Kid's book recommendations

There’s also more information about each habitat and the animals found there of course. A really fun book!

Kid's book recommendations

The Road Home

Amazon | Book Depository

I adore this book. I can’t explain completely why, it just has that something about it. Maybe it’s my Mama heart, or that I’m a sucker for rhyming books, but it gives me goosebumps. Also, the beautiful illustrations of course.

Kid's book recommendations

The road home is a poetic story about nature, and love.Kid's book recommendations

It tells the story of animals preparing for winter, and travelling the long journey ‘home’…Kid's book recommendations

…of Mama’s protecting and caring for their babies. Kid's book recommendations

Ultimately, home is wherever you are together.

“This road is hard, this road is long,
but we are not alone.
For you are here, and I’m with you,
and so this road is home.”

Kid's book recommendations

If… A Mind-Bending New Way of Looking at Big Ideas and Numbers

Amazon | Book Depository

Mind-bending is the right word! This book explains big concepts that are hard to understand (even for adults!) in relatable terms.

Kid's book recommendations

Unbelievable right? This book is fascinating!
Kid's book recommendations

It covers so many topics including the galaxy, history of the earth, major events, inventions, continents, water, species, money, energy, population, food, and more!Kid's book recommendations

A really great and interesting book!

Kid's book recommendations

The Journey

Amazon | Book Depository

Beautiful, heartbreaking, hopeful, challenging, timely, relevant, thought provoking. I feel like this is a must have book for children right now. Some topics are so hard to talk about and understand, but if we don’t talk about what’s happening then who will care? I want my kids to care. This book is a beautiful and gentle way to inspire conversation and understanding of the refugee crisis.

Kid's book recommendations Kid's book recommendations

The illustrations are wonderful.Kid's book recommendations Kid's book recommendations

Such a beautiful depiction of a mother’s love.Kid's book recommendations

A definite must read.

I hope you enjoyed, and found something helpful! As always, leave a comment with what you’re currently reading. I LOVE a good book recommendation!

If you’d like to discover more wonderful books, you can find the rest of the posts in this series here. Happy reading!


Ella grace
May 21, 2017 at 2:38 pm

I just did a booktopia order this week after I added to your last book list! And to think Iv just added these to my list! Thanks for sharing….!!! I noticed that the author of’ in my heart’ has a new one out too…!!! Love all your recomendations! Do you have a book budget?!? Haha

May 22, 2017 at 12:51 am

These are gorgeous! Time to start pestering the San Francisco Public Library 🙂

Hannah Lieder
June 6, 2017 at 9:20 am

Hello, Do you buy these books or do you rent them from a library? How do you chose what books you are reading? These are all lovely selections!!

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