Everyday Unschooling: Fairs and Markets
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Everyday Unschooling: Fairs and Markets

Everyday Unschooling: Fairs and Markets

You may have seen that we’ve been to a few homeschool fairs or markets in the past. These are always super fun and the kids love planning and making everything for their stalls.

I thought I’d write down a little more information about how it all works!

Everyday Unschooling: Fairs and Markets

It’s actually all very simple. You could make it much more detailed with organised activities and things. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated! All you need is a group of friends and a location! Depending on the weather, you could hire a hall or have it in a park. My vote would be a park if you can manage it as it’s a lot less noisy and kids can run around and come and go as they please. You may need permission, depending on the rules where you live and how big your fair is.

Basically, everyone is responsible for their own stall. Bring your own tables, or picnic blankets to set up on, and also a small float so you have change to give people. We usually set up in two rows so there is a walkway down the middle and people can browse stalls on each side.

Everyday Unschooling: Fairs and Markets

Some I have been to have a price limit on children’s stalls, e.g. no items over $2, so that everyone has a chance to purchase things and support many stalls. That works well. Just personally, I’m not that keen on different rules for adults and children and I think figuring out how to price things appropriately is all part of the learning process. Kids are super capable of working it all out and the beauty of it is we’re there to help them if needed anyway.

Everyday Unschooling: Fairs and Markets

Our events are usually organised using facebook events and it’s a good idea to have a list of the stalls people will be doing so that there’s not too many of the same ideas (20 different types of cupcake anyone?).

Everyday Unschooling: Fairs and Markets

How the stalls are run on the day is completely individual! Younger children obviously have help from parents with money. Older children may like to be completely independent. Do expect to have to man stalls while your children run off to spend their earnings on their friend’s wares!

Everyday Unschooling: Fairs and Markets

We have seen and bought so many amazing children’s creations. It’s wonderful to see what they have been working on and the joy on their faces seeing other people wanting to purchase their things.

The ideas are endless! From baking, to jewellery, to second-hand items, to artwork, to face painting, to hair braiding, and more!

Everyday Unschooling: Fairs and Markets

I was going to attempt to list all the opportunities for learning that a fair brings but then a) I don’t like separating learning from life, of course they’re learning, b) even if they weren’t, the fun of it is valuable enough, and c) I can’t even list it all anyway!

Holding a market or fair for your unschool/homeschool group can be really fun! Give it a try!

Everyday Unschooling: Fairs and Markets Everyday Unschooling: Fairs and Markets Everyday Unschooling: Fairs and Markets Everyday Unschooling: Fairs and Markets


This post is part of a series of posts documenting our day-to-day life as an unschooling family. Sometimes it’s hard to picture what unschooling looks like, so here I hope to provide a little window into the kid’s life and learning. This is just an example of what unschooling can look like, but it’s very different for each family. 


August 5, 2017 at 4:46 am

I shared the blog post with my local unschooling group. Everyone loves the idea and we are working on organizing an event! Somethings people might need to think about are permits required by your city in order to sell items on public property, or finding a space to hold an event in bad weather. I think we are going to try a small one at my house first and see it goes well before we make it bigger and invite all the other homeschoolers in the area.

August 10, 2021 at 8:10 am

Hi Sara! I am trying to plan a market but I don’t have a group of other unschoolers. I’m an introvert and we had a group that we were a part of but the year before covid everyone kind of moved on to different things. So I posted on a Facebook group in our area to find interest. How many people do you think makes a good market? I don’t want it to be too big! I was thinking a small group to start. Just wanted to ask your opinion. Thank you! Love your content!

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