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My kids LOVE to bake! Since they were 4 and 2 years old I have been setting up independent cooking activities for them. They love to make cakes and cupcakes and we have done it together so often that they know the general idea of what to do. I would set out all the ingredients for them, already measured, and let them decide themselves in what order they would do things.

Independent Cooking with FREE PRINTALE RECIPE | Happiness is here

Everything they have cooked has always turned out delicious! They are so proud of themselves when they are able to do everything on their own, and it also encourages them to work together really well. They have to decide who will do each task and share them out so they are both happy. Now that they are 5 and 3, and my 5 year old has started to read, I thought they would like to have a recipe that they could follow themselves. This would allow even more independence as they would be able to do all of the measuring themselves. We didn’t have any recipe books which they could read, so I converted my Nan’s chocolate cake recipe into one that they could use. I used simple words that my 5 year old would be able to work out, and also included pictures so that my 3 year old would be able to follow along.

Independent Cooking with FREE PRINTALE RECIPE | Happiness is here

I set out the ingredients and recipe for them on their table in the play room so they could both reach and had plenty of room to move. They were so excited and got straight to work!

Independent Cooking with FREE PRINTALE RECIPE | Happiness is here

The first task was measuring the butter. This took a lot of trial and error. Lots of reading numbers, deciding if they needed to add or take away some butter, and working out that the amount of butter you added determined how much higher the number would go. Lots of meaningful maths practice!

Independent Cooking with FREE PRINTALE RECIPE | Happiness is here

Once again they worked really well together. My 5 year old would read out the directions and then they would each take a turn measuring out the ingredients.

Independent Cooking with FREE PRINTALE RECIPE | Happiness is here

My 3 year old particularly liked the mixing and taste testing…

Independent Cooking with FREE PRINTALE RECIPE | Happiness is here

…and my 5 year old even remembered to grease and line the tin.

Independent Cooking with FREE PRINTALE RECIPE | Happiness is here

After what seemed like a LOT of taste testing, the batter finally made it into the pan.

Independent Cooking with FREE PRINTALE RECIPE | Happiness is here

Of course, I put it in the oven for them, while they busied themselves with licking the bowl clean.

That afternoon they iced the cake themselves and had a piece each for afternoon tea.

Independent Cooking with FREE PRINTALE RECIPE | Happiness is here

They were both so pleased with themselves and being able to make a cake all on their own. They couldn’t wait to tell their Dad what they had done when he got home from work. They have been asking to do it again ever since! I think I am going to have to also create some more healthy recipes for them to use!

This was such a fun and easy activity for me to set up, and they got such enjoyment out of it while also incorporating practice in reading, problem solving, measuring, weighing, following instructions, fine motor skills, sequencing, counting, fractions, turn taking, communication, and probably much more!

I would love to share the printable recipe for you to use in your own homes, just click HERE!Β  And be sure to let me know how it goes!

FREE PRINTABLE: Kids recipe for independent cooking | Happiness is here

21 thoughts on “Independent Cooking | Free Printable Recipe

  1. Love it! My 4 year old son loves baking and he would be so excited and proud to make something “all by himself”. Will definitely be downloading your printable. Thanks for your generosity!

  2. This is such a great activity. I have been meaning to convert some of my recipes into ones that my daughters could follow even though they are not yet reading. You have inspired me to get cracking on it.

  3. Oh wow!!! I am so excited about this!! My girls and I have been cooking together since they were very little (before they were one). Usually I measure out the ingredients on the bench then put it into a bowl for them on a child sized table we bring into the kitchen. Sometimes I take photos of them cooking different things and have put the photos together with the recipies in a photo album style book for them (I have a master copy we use now & am having other copies printed for them as keepsakes). Both giving them the pre measured ingredients to put in them sleeves & later giving them simple/visual recipes they can follow themselves will be great extensions on what we are already doing! Am hoping try doing the pre measured ingredients in little bowls tomorrow!!! πŸ™‚ thanks for this post, I love seeing how others approach these types of things (always gets me thinking, reflecting and adds new ideas) & also for the printable (which I can use now in my work and will keep as an example for when my girls are s little older)!!

  4. This recipe printable is great! Do you have anymore? My daughter cannot read words but she can recognize numbers. This is a great way for her to have word recognition. Thank you!

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  8. Hi! I enjoy your blog. Your days seem sweet with your kiddos. If only we lived near you, I think we’d be good friends. πŸ™‚
    I’ve enjoyed baking with my kiddos for awhile. We tried this recipe, thank you for sharing it. Our experience was fun but didn’t seem as magical as yours from what your pictures showed. Haha. We will try it again. πŸ™‚

  9. Fabulous! I had actually just popped a marble cake in the oven for Mst6(tomorrow)’s birthday. He insisted on helping too. He loves to bake but it’s something I have only just started to really do with my kids.

  10. This recipe has become our all the favourite. My little 3 year old toddler love baking and he absolutely love eating the yummy cake πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing the recipe.

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