Everyday Parenting: Respectful Nappy Changes
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Everyday Parenting: Respectful Nappy Changes

This post is part of a series documenting everyday respectful parenting moments. Reading real life parenting examples inspires me. I also find it helpful to look back on situations and think about what went well or what didn’t. Maybe you will too!


Everyday Parenting: Respectful Nappy Changes

Ahhh nappy changes! An area that can become a battle! And it has at times. When I’m impatient, when I’m rushing, when I’m bossy. But it doesn’t have to be, as I was reminded today…

Me: I need to change your nappy

Miss 2: No! (turns away from me).

Me: I need to take it off.

Miss 2: NOOOO!!!! (stomps foot).

Me: You don’t want to. You don’t like getting your nappy changed. I’m worried that you might get a sore bottom, so I want to change it.

Miss 2: (Still facing the other way but obviously listening)

Me: We can do it when you’re ready. I’m going to wait at the change table for you.

Miss 2: Ok Mama.

I wait for a couple of minutes until she comes walking in and asks me to hold the piece of carrot she’s eating.

Me: Do you want to climb up by yourself, or do you want me to pick you up?

Miss 2: Delf (self, something she says often at almost 2 years).

She climbs up with some help and lies still, happily talking to me while I change her nappy.


And again I’m reminded of the rewards of slowing down and being respectful. It might seem like a ‘routine’ thing for me, but it isn’t for her. It’s reasonable for her to want control of when and how this happens. A little time and patience goes a long way.

Respectful Parenting: Nappy Changes


Bob Oandco
December 21, 2015 at 5:43 am

THANK YOU. Really. It’s simple, and simple to forget. I will remember this tomorrow.

December 21, 2015 at 11:55 am

So hard to always stay calm and patient in the moment! Do you have any thoughts on respectful potty learning? We’ve been waiting for our 3 year old to tell us she’s ready, and I feel like she’s at the point where she’s ready, but needs a little nudge from us (it was the same with weaning — she was ready, but didn’t really want to be ready, but didn’t really want to stay where she was, and a little nudge over the edge made everything easier for her, but only, only when she was ready first). I’ve been looking for advice on how to help her, and all the “potty training” out there just seems pretty awful and disrespectful.

March 31, 2016 at 1:24 pm

I love this and it resonates with me but I’m finding it really hard to play out in real life…. My daughter is almost two and we’ve started with me asking her to change her diaper and waiting till she comes to the table. I’ll get her up and started and then she’ll refuse to let me finish wiping and cleaning her properly. Or we’ll go to put her new diaper on and she’ll refuse to let me put the new one on. She wants off the table naked. I’ve tried waiting her out, but after three or four minutes, she still won’t let me put it on, but her baby sister will be crying and fussing and I can’t wait any longer…. how do you deal with that?

Chloë Eelen
December 2, 2019 at 1:03 am

I’m just wondering how to this with younger children? My daughter is now 10 months old and it’s often a struggle…

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