Children Who Don’t Go to School: What Does It Look like to Play All Day?

It is a beautiful sight to watch children at play. But, how sad that it is still so devalued. I often have people comment to me that they could never homeschool their children “because they would just want to play … Continue reading

All You Need To Know About Loose Parts

When my first daughter was a toddler she was forever emptying out the crayons and using them for things other than drawing. Straws for imaginary drinks, spoons for mixing imaginary meals, birthday candles! I was always picking up crayons. And … Continue reading

Honouring Their Interests

I’ve talked a lot before about following my child’s lead and supporting their interests. Here, education is centred around what they’re currently passionate about. And it’s surprising how all the other things (literacy, maths, art, science) fit in so easily … Continue reading

Encouraging Block Play {With Girls}

contains affiliate links I am not big on gender stereotypes and I try to provide the girls with a lot of different materials that are not gender specific, as well as some that would generally be considered ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ … Continue reading