The Power of Attention
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The Power of Attention

The Power of Attention

A few days ago the girls asked me to put some stuff out in the play room for them in the morning because I hadn’t done it in a while. I set out some paints, some play dough, and a couple of the Spielgaben trays. They painted and played happily all morning but the loose parts were barely touched.

The Power of Attention

It sat like this until late afternoon. And I thought it looked so inviting! I even put the cushions there, I mean come on kids! LOL

The Power of Attention

Alas, they weren’t interested. UNTIL…I came and sat down in the play room that afternoon. All of a sudden this was the place to be!

The Power of Attention

‘We’re doing team work here Mum!’

The Power of Attention

They chatted away to me and each other about what they were making as they chose where each piece would go. They ran outside to gather rocks and flowers to add to their creation.

The Power of Attention

Seriously, how cute are the little fairies!

And all I had done was sit there, taken an interest, asked a few questions. It was a great reminder of the power of attention. I really value independent play, and I value boredom too. Sometimes the greatest ideas come out of having nothing to do and having to use your imagination! But some time each day where you just sit and observe and be present is really valuable too. Try not to direct the play, solve their problems, or suggest things if you haven’t been asked. All you need to do is be there and enjoy yourself.

The Power of Attention

Some helpful phrases:

“That looks interesting”

“I love watching you create/play/have fun”

“Can you tell me about it?”

“This looks fun”

“What’s your favourite part?”

Or say nothing and just observe.


Happy playing! xx


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January 20, 2016 at 4:09 pm

so true….my son is 6 now and everyday is a reminder to me that I missed out on a LOT of play time with him…when I say ‘with’ him I mean that he just wanted me in the room….in fact I think we are in a Play Only phase with him still because he simply didn’t have me present enough when he was smaller. So lesson learned…I cant finish my comment actually because I need to be present NOW!

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