Unschooling week
The Week That Was

The week that was… Natural Learning

Unschooling week

Well, we’re back! We had a great Christmas and new years and have enjoyed having so much time all together. We’ve been back home the last week but really still in holiday mode and not doing much at all. Tomorrow hubby is back to work and we’re getting back into our normal thing. I have been thinking about the year ahead and our plans and goals and I’ll share a bit more about that in a post next week. I hope you’ve had a lovely holiday too! There was too much to share from our time away so I’m just going to update on the last week since we’ve been home.

Unschooling week

We arrived home to discover the garden overtaken by weeds but the sunflowers were HUGE! The girls have been checking on them every day and we’ve noticed that some have now lost their petals and we can see the black seeds inside.

Unschooling week

I’m always interested to see what they go to first after we’ve been away. This time it was the Magna-Tiles and light panel. They have been played with ALL week!

Unschooling week

On Monday they found a skink in the garden. This was the start of lots of research. It was decided that the skink would be kept as a pet.

Unschooling week

They used the iPad to find information on what skinks ate and how to set up an enclosure for them. They also wrote down lots of questions and looked up the answers to them all.

Unschooling week

A new home was set up. Bye bye cake container, lol.

Unschooling week

Next they found their new friend some food. I’m so amazed by Miss 5’s interest in bugs lately. The girl who would once scream if she came across a tiny ant on the floor found these ants and picked them up with her bare hands.

The skink stayed with us for the whole week until both girls decided that they wanted to let it go, telling me ‘we can’t look after it forever!’ Ahh, the pressures of parenthood.

Unschooling week

I think the girls were glad to be back to their own home and belongings. They got straight back to doing their usual things and exploring their current interests. For Miss 5 that is fairies. She spent lots of time creating fairy worlds with loose parts and the fairy house she made.

Unschooling week

Miss 3 loves dinosaurs. I found this little scene set up in the play room. A dinosaur world with some old things and some new that she got for Christmas.

Unschooling week

Miss 5 would like to learn to ‘write small’ like me and asked for a book with dotted thirds. I thought I had one but we couldn’t find it. Next time we were at the shops we were able to find one amongst the back to school sales and she got to work. I wrote down the alphabet for her, showing her how the letters went on the lines and she began practicing underneath.

Unschooling weekDesign for a ‘fairy world’ by Miss 5.

Unschooling week

A picture of us going to Bunnings to pick up designs for her fairy world. Ok, we got the message and it was off to Bunnings we went for a few little plants.

Unschooling week

The finished fairy world.

Unschooling week

And we ended the week with a milestone! Miss 5 lost her first baby tooth. It had been wobbly for 3 weeks and we could tell it would be coming out soon. Yesterday she could feel the sharpness at the bottom with her tongue and drew a picture of what she thought her tooth would look like when it came out. She drew a triangle shape with the point down the bottom. When it came out she compared it to her picture to find she was right!

That’s all from us this week! I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to.

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January 11, 2015 at 4:24 pm

Welcome back! Aren’t magnatiles the best toy? I feel like we play with them almost every single day. Congrats on the tooth! That is a very big deal, at least around here.

We, too, are interested in fairies. We’ve been busy reading The Fairy Bible and creating fairy houses, exploring Greek myths, playing piano, ice skating, and making art. That’s our week in a nutshell 🙂

January 11, 2015 at 8:20 pm

This week with Miss 9, Miss 5 & Mr 4 we built an ant farm, caught the bus into the city to southbank and GOMA. Spent the day at sea world for daddy’s birthday. Played in the rain. Helped daddy in the garden. Built with leggo and went bowling. Miss 5 loves her drawing and writing letters to our family.

January 11, 2015 at 9:16 pm

Those sunflowers are amazing!! We were just talking about planting some today – my big girl would like to grow them for our birds. We’ve had a massive week! We got back from a camping holiday today & had such a lovely time together. We saw some green sea turtles and turtle nests and the girls really loved them so in going to buy a set of those turtle life cycle figures I remember seeing on one of your weekly posts. Really looking forward to being at home together next week, documenting our holiday adventures and seeing what interested the girls most about our holiday. I love reading your weekly posts & am really looking forward to seeing the post about your planning for the year ahead as well.

January 13, 2015 at 6:17 am

My son is seriously big on dinosaurs. One of our friends gifted him an Aqua Dragon set for Christmas. Tiny little creatures that were around at the same time as the dinosaurs. They are very interesting to watch grow and swim around.

January 14, 2015 at 6:22 am

I love the questions your children asked about skinks and that they let them go after they found the answers. I often blog about natural learning and how easy it is to use in the classroom. Children of all ages love to study animals.

Beautiful and very attractive blog, Sara!

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