Unschool Journal (March)

‘The New Playroom’: Creating an Art Space


If you’re a regular reader you know that we do a lot of art around here! We have lots of art materials that the girls are free to access whenever they like, and they are busy creating something every day. You can see our art shelves here.

I recently came across the eBook ‘The New Playroom’ by Megan Schiller, and although I already have an art space set up I was drawn the the lovely pictures and knew I wanted to read it.

You see what I mean? How inviting does that look! I’m always on the look out for good ideas and better ways of doing things and thought I’d find some inspiration here for sure. And I did! So, I thought it was worth sharing with you all. I am asked so often about how we set up art supplies, how we can have free access to them with multiple ages, what materials I use, etc. I could write lots about it but Megan has summed everything up so nicely and better than I could so I’m sharing this with you instead.

“What if we put as much emphasis on art supplies and creative tools as we do on toys?” – Megan Schiller

When I read the above quote, I knew we were on the same page. Yes! Art is so important! So many people spend time setting up play rooms, buying and organising toys. What if everyone spent as much time setting up an art space for their kids?


In the book Megan discusses the importance of art for kids, why having an art space is important, what materials you need, planning your space, setting it up, accommodating multiple ages, introducing your kids to the space, displaying artwork, how to keep your child engaged in art over time, and more. I particularly liked how there’s also a section on how to work with the materials with your children and questions to encourage further exploration.

If you don’t have an art space, or you’re looking to improve yours or redecorate I think you’ll find lots of inspiration here. When you buy the eBook you also get a free copy of ‘Invitations to Create: 30 Days of Easy Art Prompts’.

You can read more, or purchase the eBook, HERE if you’re interested. I hope that was helpful for anyone looking for ideas!


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